Models that take photographs? Karlee Jane does both!

Models that take photographs? Karlee Jane does both!

Meet Karlee Jane, a 5’2″ model & photographer that defies the norm every day while tatted head to toe.

In the age of Instagram and social media average women have achieved a personal feeling of celebrity status by posing half nude and referring to themselves as models. Despite if we engage in social media actively or more dormant, the idea of “sex sells” is at an all time high and we see it everywhere.

Reigning from Southern California is model Karlee Jane who breaks the stereotypes of models by tapping into both ends of the camera. She originally grew in popularity for her stand out look (a pretty girl being tatted nearly head to toe), but in recent times getting attention for her work as a photographer.

Thats right. Imagine that hot girl you check daily on Instagram actually holding a camera, shooting a picture, and editing the colors. Well Karlee Jane does that and gives us her personal insight on the contrast between modeling and photographing – especially when you do them both very well.

karlee jane

1. You’re a female model and a photographer, how do modeling and photographing compliment each other?

In my honest opinion its Based on Balance, Chemistry, Equilibrium, good vibes, starting with a vision/creative direction, & then aiming to execute radical badass fuggin’ art together. 

I feel like Bruce Lee explains it perfectly in one of my favorite quotes:

“Empty your mind! Be formless, shapeless, like water. If you put water  into a cup, it becomes the cup. Put it into a bottle, it becomes the  bottle, you put into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can  flow, or it can crash: Be like water, my friend!”

when you find the rhythm, you begin to get “into the zone,” you can feel this indescribable energy the second it begins. Whether behind or in front of the lens it should almost feel like an effortless dance/flow… “Flow like water.” 

karlee jane

2. What came first, modeling or photography? What lead you into these industries?

Modeling Came first in this retrospect,…. But it kinda just came to me when I was A student at the Art Institute majoring in Graphic design & fellow homies were “photo” majors” using me as a subject for project finals, lets just say I was always down. Art school being the main reason I moved to Lost Angeles back in 2010… 

I’d run into “creatives” at Starbucks or in the pre-Instagram dazeee when I had first made a Facebook & eventually a Model Mayhem, getting gigs to model clothing lines, coffee table series, and artsy weird shit. The rest just grew from there as the Internet eras did unanimously. 

karlee jane

3. As a photographer, what do you do to prepare? Is it the same for modeling?

I mean first off, make sure your fuggin camera batteries are charged, inside your camera or bag or have your charger wiff ya. (You’d be hella surprised). I get 64GB memory cards so I don’t run out of space quickly, and back up a lot of my old/new work onto my G-drive. (Don’t mind my nerd babble y’all). 

So in the sense of the photography aspect, its being technically, mentally, and spiritually prepared… namaste motherfuckers! Modeling takes aspects like wardrobe/makeup/styling/ & ya know hoping you didn’t binge the last week on pizza, if ya catch my drift. 

karlee jane

4. Switching up gears, you’re frequently identified for your tattoos – when did you get your first tattoo?

Tattoos? wait no waaaay! >.< bahaha Jk,  it’s def the first thing you notice considering I took the plunge and tattooed my weird lil gremlin face. I was doing these little needle stick and poke india ink tattoos, mind you, shitty as fuhhhh around 13.

Got these heart outline wrist bangers matching all my homies around 14, then plunged straight to some shitty scratcher script on my chest around 15. By 17 I had started what is now the left sleeve most people see the Candyland mayhem. It’s crazy as fuh to think I’ve been collecting for 10 years now. 

karlee jane

5. Clearly you’re quite art driven, what is an artist to you?

Thank you for noticing! I get stuck between giving the audience what they want to see, keeping them entertained w/ obvious “sex sells” photographs, and then flipping 180 and furthering my personal modeling/photography spectrum into creating the art/emotion evoking imagery I’m fuggin proud of. 

An artist can range from so many variations, realms, and dimensions. Art is Limitless. Growing up I felt unworthy of the title, it took me 20+ years to fully own “I am An Artist.” We are all artists in one, way, shape, or form. Sometimes, we just need to expand our horizons, minimize the judgement and appreciate the perspectives we are blessed with, especially in this beautiful era of the “C R E A T I V E S.” 


6. Overall what should we be looking out for from Karlee Jane as a photographer and as a model this year?

Stay Tuned ? I’ll Meet y’all in Outer Space… ?

Clearly this is just the beginning for Karlee Jane as she is only 23 years old. To get all the items you see above visit our online shop here, and stay tuned next week for the release of all her photos she shot for Fatal Clothing. Make sure you follow up with her on Instagram via @KarleeeJaneee and her photography page @KarleeJanePhoto. Remember to stay updated on our social media @FatalClothing to see exclusive photos and receive premium discounts.